In-Studio Programs for Young People.

Creative counselling for teens, tweens and children in our vibrant art studio in Brisbane.
An over the shoulder look at a childs artwork in progress during on of Creative Connection's workshops.
Emotional Literacy
This is your ability to read, understand express emotions appropriately.

Let’s talk emotions.

At Creative Connection, we design fun, friendly psycho-educational sessions that grow emotional literacy as you paint.
Because knowing and decoding your emotions is essential to a happy, healthy emotional wellbeing. And this helps you:
Understand and empathise with others
Increase resilience and coping abilities during adversity
Prevent emotional outbursts
Improve family relationships through clear, open conversation
Build and foster happy friendships
Enable decision-making
Practice positive self-talk
Improve your self-image and confidence
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Our in-studio programs.

Please consider whether a group setting is best for your child. Individual sessions can be more suitable for some children's needs.
Come on down to our vibrant art studio in Geebung to join one of our creative counselling programs. They’re all created and delivered by Jen, a qualified counsellor skilled at helping teens, tweens and children untangle complex emotional problems as they do what they love. Create.

Real Talk

My son loved his art class, especially drawing with all the different products.
He loved it so much that he came home and continued to draw. Thanks for making it an enjoyable class. He can’t wait to return next week.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Find answers to your questions about Creative Connection’s programs.
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What programs do you offer in the studio?

We offer four different programs:

  1. An 8-week group program called Empower.
  2. Special school holiday sessions – these vary and are announced each term. Join our email list to get this news straight to your inbox.
  3. Parent-child sessions – these are special event sessions held at night.
  4. One on One personal creative counselling sessions -- available on request.
What topics do you cover?

We cultivate open, safe and non-judgemental open discussion in our sessions. Each week, we focus on a different emotion or wellbeing topic. Some examples include positive self-talk, body image, friendship, communication, worry, and gratitude.

Where is the studio?

Creative Connection’s art studio with a loft break-out area is in Geebung on the north side of Brisbane. Alternatively, check out our online program to get started whenever and wherever you like!

Do parents stay during the session?

We want participants to feel comfortable openly sharing their thoughts and experiences. And this can be easier when people outside the group can’t hear (like parents). So, parents can drop and go so they can enjoy an hour to themselves. That said, if you would like to stay, you are welcome to wait in our loft area where tea and coffee are available.

Do I need to book?

Yes. Sessions are popular, so you need to book in advance to grab a spot. Check out our In-Studio program, or start creating today via our online program.

Do you do bespoke sessions for teams?

Yes. We offer team building sessions for organisations too. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs and we can design a session just for you.