Our Approach.

It’s research-driven counselling. Delivered creatively.

We create programs backed by research.

Creative Connection is an artful counselling provider. We create emotional literacy programs underpinned by the latest academic journals, thought-leadership reference books, psychology studies and techniques. We’re avid advocates of psychologist Daniel Goleman, who highlighted the wealth of opportunity that emotional intelligence holds. And we use this knowledge to guide teens, tweens, children and adults to boost their emotional wellbeing.

A professional counsellor will be your guide.

Our founder, Jen, is an ACA-accredited Level 3 Master Counsellor. She adapts the group discussions based on the experiences and needs of the budding artists. Plus, she brings her wealth of experience as a former school guidance counsellor and visual arts teacher to every session.

We create in a safe, supportive space where everyone is welcome.

At Creative Connection, we offer a safe, supportive space for everyone. We welcome all abilities, backgrounds and beliefs. And we listen and support you to shine for who you are.

We’re serious about making it fun and friendly.

Life can be serious. However, when things feel dark, it can be time to let the light in to balance it.  As Carol Dwek champions, “Hands-on learning encourages a growth mindset … that they can develop and improve in the face of adversity.” Through our extensive experience and learning, studies show that teens, tweens and children learn best through doing. So, we make it easy for them to engage with the counselling content. We make it FUN.

We're Legit

We are proud to be an accredited and qualified counselling service helping young Aussies create a better life.
2023 Winner
Nudgee Small
Business Awards
Health, Wellbeing & Fitness
Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts)
Master Qualified Guidance Counsellor

Lose yourself through creativity to find out who you are.

At Creative Connection, we help young minds and adults of all abilities learn how to read, understand and express their emotions appropriately. And we do that through releasing creative expression.
It’s a skill for today. And for life. (A happy one, in fact).

Start creating a happy, heartful life.

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